I have been lucky to have a diverse group of wonderful clients over the years.

ACIST Medical Systems, Minneapolis, MN
Amante Coffee, Boulder, CO
Amy Reichlin, Boulder, CO
Artpace, San Antonio, TX
Barnes & Noble, New York, NY   
• Cafe Gift Dept.   
• Calendar Dept.   
• Gift Dept.   
• Jr. Dept.   
• Magazine Dept.   
• Music Dept. 
BBA Solutions, Little Rock, AR
Brave Planet Films (formerly Hoggard Films), Boulder, CO
The Brewing Company, Boulder, CO
CampStreet Partners, San Antonio, TX
Central Tower - 703 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Cincinnati Mall, Cincinnati, OH
Civil Action Network, Palo Alto, CA
Costume Manager, Livermore, CA
Crosspoint Evaluations, San Francisco, CA
C-Thru Ruler Company, Bloomfield, CT
CXO Ventures, San Francisco, CA
Declaire Associates, Chicago, IL
Derek LeCroy, Austin, TX
DIA:Beacon, New York, NY
Etsuki Creative, San Rafael, CA
Frasca Food & Wine, Boulder, CO

Haglage Construction, Cincinnati, OH
IEEE - UFFC Society
Illinois Institute of Technology – Student Union Center, Chicago, IL
International Arrivals, San Diego, CA
Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Kamman Hydrology and Engineering, San Rafael, CA
Kat Weiss Landscape Design, Livermore, CA
Laura Grigsby Art Consulting, San Francisco, CA
Linda Pace Foundation, San Antonio, TX
Milestone Remodeling, Boulder, CO
Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio, Napa, CA
Omega High Power Rocketry, Livermore, CA
Pearl HPS, Pleasanton, CA
Rodrigue Molyneaux Vineyard & Winery, Livermore, CA
San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center, San Francisco, CA
Silicon Valley Medical Instruments, Inc., Fremont, CA
St Louis Children’s Zoo, St Louis, MO
Tennessee NFL Stadium, Nashville, TN
The New Yorker and The Cartoon Bank
The San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center, San Francisco, CA
The San Francisco Center for Self-Compassion, San Francisco, CA
Tiffany's Dance Academy, Livermore, CA
Twitter, San Francisco, CA
Universal Studios Islands of Adventure – Toon Lagoon, Tampa, FL
Valley Montessori School, Livermore, CA
Varner Commercial Property Consultants, Inc., Charleston, SC
West Office Exhibition Design, Oakland, CA

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